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Hire People was an idea borne from a passion, that passion to offer the best service to the Hire Industry and Construction Supply Sector that offered true Value for Money

Our vision... to deliver the best quality of service to an industry that needs it just as much as other more widely recognised sectors.

From a background in construction supply involved in specialist products, being responsible for all aspects of running and managing a successful business or team of sales people to offering a  bespoke and valuable recruitment service takes time.

Having operated in a successful niche recruitment partnership Graham Hewitt discovered that times were changing, Hire Industry clients wanted more quality than was being delivered right throughout the recruitment process. What they were getting from national and other so called specialist agencies, was out-dated sourcing methods, producing poor quality and expensive mistakes. They wanted this but without the traditionally accepted fees of 20 to 25% of salaries.

Successful relationships followed one after the other with clients who appreciated that quality can be delivered within a more affordable service structure. Hire People have rapidly become known for their determination to source the best for less.

We dream of becoming renowned for what we do, we want clients to recommend us; has happy in the knowledge that we'll deliver the same service to their contacts as we do to them, we want to be and strive to be the best, we want to be the best, not the biggest, the flashest, the most flamboyant - only the best.

Hire People stands for deliverability

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