Candidates with Hire People


You’ve found the easiest way to further your career with Hire People web recruitment!

How does it work for you, the applicant?

At Hire People web recruitment we’ve taken on board an innovative new method and brought it to the Construction and Industrial Supply Sectors.

We work with a huge and varied range of internet and print based publications including Job Boards such as Monster Jobs, UK Hire Jobs, CV Library etc and Target Specific Publications including Contract Journal, Site Equipment Manager (SEM) and The Construction News, our own website and social networking sites, the UK’s largest and niche job boards.

Where we differ from the traditional Recruitment Agencies?

We put the all applicants CV’s in front of our client who then uses his/her own selection criteria to select the best qualified and suitable candidates from those on offer, meaning if you have a well written CV with all the necessary experience and qualifications then much higher chance of being interviewed.

Nobody knows a role like an employer making them far more suitable to make the decision on their own vacancies, that’s why we send your application direct!

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