Tailored Online Interviews

Do you want more from your shortlisted applicants?

Need further information to assist your selection process?

Save time and let us automatically identify the qualified applicants by arranging an online pre-selection Virtual Interview.

Hire People brings to you a powerful tool to plug-into, and compliment your current service.

  • We can work with you to create your unique virtual on-line interview that will enable you to profile the candidates and assess competency, skills, attitude, suitability or any other area that will allow you to distinguish the quality of applicants between the relevant, poor and top-rated applicants.
  • Virtual Interviews can be fully branded and can consist of single/multiple choice, rating scale, numerical and comment/essay questions.
  • After the applicant has completed the Virtual Interview will send you the results along with their CV so you can make your shortlist.
    After selection is made we then take up the reigns and arrange first interviews inline with our normal service procedures.
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