Value Added Services

Low Fixed Costs

We fix our fees so you are totally in control of your recruiting costs, there are NO hidden suprises with no added extras for bonuses, commissions or company perks including vehicles.

No other recruitment source in your industry comes close. To enhance your selection process we can offer a number of value added plug-in services including:

  • On location Candidate Profile Interview Tailored To Your Vacancy
  • Gathering of References Upon Job Offer

Each of these services carries an extremely cost effective method af smoothing the whole recruitment process for employers and the succesful candidates, giving a reassurring and professional image to your new recruits

Advertising Copy Written

Writing to attract quality candidates through the internet is a skill in itself, to ensure your job description is search engine friendly we take all the details from you and rewrite some or all of it to attract Google and specific job search engines to your advert. This service is included in the fees and is of cours part of the Money Back Guarantee

Vast Industry Database

Hire People holds the largest Indsutry Specific candidate database available anywhere, with job seekers from all levels on the scale from HGV qulaified drivers , specialist sector sales people through to executive and non executive directors. With direct access to more than 7000 potential candidates there really is no need to search elsewhere for your next employee

CV Vetting Service

When new job seekers apply for your vacancy we fully vet their CV’s to ensure relevance and accuracy, we endeavour to weed out any mis-representation ensuring the final selection of candidates sent forward are relevant, suitable and have the nececssary experience and motives for placement with your company

Online Interviews

Our unique online pre-selection interview can be tailored exactly to your job description and requirements. Based on a mutiple choice or question and answer format you can get a real insight into a candidates experiences, knowledge and motives before making your final selection for first interview. Your online interview is can branded to your company and we will work with you if necessary to create the perfect interview structure for your vacancy

Each online interview comes complete with a detailed reults showing comparisons between other candidates and ratings highlight suitablility to your position in a relevancy format.

Candidate Insight

Had a candidate come direct for a vacancy or sent in a speculative CV? Need to know more about them? We have more contacts, more insight and more knowledge of the industry than any other recruitment source. Call us and ask us for further information and we will advise if we know, have heard or have any conflicting information relating to that indivdual. We know better than most the pitfalls in recruiting into the construction and hire related sector, we have seen more CV’s , spoken to and profiled more industry experienced candidates than we can or care to remember. We can give you peace of mind even when a candidate has come from elsewhere.

We’re value added!

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